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“Within us lies the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being.
We cannot seek it outside, we must go within.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi – the founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Dear Sahaja Family and Friends,

We have an extremely special announcement to make.

In light of the current situation, our team of volunteers was quick to come up with an alternative to our regular, in-person classes. This coming week, we will be temporarily moving all of our in-person classes online and we would be delighted to have you meditate and clear your chakras with us!

These sessions will include kundalini energy awakening, chakra energy clearing techniques, guided meditations and mantras. We will also make use of music, visual tools and will provide you with resources and “homework” for you to explore and complete at your own time!

Registration Form for Online Classes:

Feel free to share this with any seekers you know. We are opening our support == our classes to everyone!

Check out the article below to see the Online Schedule we follow

Yours in Sahaja Yoga Meditation,
the Family-Friends-Teams from Halton-Niagara-Barrie-Winnipeg 🙂 

We also invite You to Explore below our Articles for chakra knowledge,  subtle connections, spiritual/healing experiences and wellness tips – all in all, they provide a shower of positive vibrations.


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  1. paula

    My friend tuned in via my phone filming the live meditation session. She absolutely felt goosebumps, as she silently tuned in with full attention. She got her self realization in Costa Rica, spontaneously as we talked about the life force daily. She was so happy to feel the energy again during the online session! A living process you can verify through the language of vibrations. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Cathy Wild

    When I first started Sahaja Yoga I was angry, frustrated, disconnected and searching. Within a short period of time I spontaneously was able to forgive myself and others, no longer feeling angry, became a detached witness of life’s hectic busyness, am able to (let go of other people’s issues; which previously I felt compelled to fix) and now much of the time experience serenity, connectedness and joy. Regular meditation helped to uncover an ability to paint beautiful artwork which I share, by teaching others to find their hidden talents too. (Without any formal training in the arts.) By regularly clearing my subtle system I keep myself protected from invasive disease and my spirit pure.

  3. Rebecca

    If we truly love ourselves, we owe it to ourselves to find that inner peace that everyone seeks. Most of us have joined in Sahaja Yoga Meditations in order to reach that state of unconditional love and inner peace. Shri Mataji teaches us that it is not just about loving our immediate family and close friends. That is easy for so many of us to do. What we must strive for is feeling that unconditional love and connection to all human kind.

    This pandemic is affording us the opportunity to see how connected we all are throughout the universe. Through Shri Mataji’s teaching, we are able to see how our spirits can be one with our brothers and sisters around the world. We are all God’s children and I am finding, through morning and evening meditations, that we are capable of so much more love than we ever knew.

    Layer by layer, I am shedding sorrows and fears and anger which have been accumulated over the years. I am so grateful for the dedication, knowledge and love from the many Sahaja Yogis I have the privilege to know and meditate with on a daily basis. Thank you.

  4. Amrit

    Just love the meditations. I look forward to them everyday.

  5. Terry

    Thank you for the recorded meditations you send out today.

  6. Kavita

    Meditation is a gift Especially in these trying times with the pandemic. With the opportunity of online Sahajayoga meetings it has been a boon for all of us to keep connected with Devine energy and yields the protection we need. Thanks to Ioana and team for making this possible. Lots of effort is put in organizing so that the meditation and yoga is effortless for us. I feel blessed everyday and I ask all the seekers out there to join in to experience the Divine within you.

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